"Carrie, these photos are really incredible! I couldn't be happier!"
- patricia + jordan

"Love these, Carrie! WOW! Once again you have done a fantastic job making a mediocre family look good! I love your photos!"
- dunlap family

"The pictures are fantastic (as usual!) Thanks again for squeezing us in your busy schedule."
- martin family

"We love them! Thank you so much!"
jarrod + chris

"WE LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks so much!"
- sangnibene family

"Hey Carrie! We had so much fun - what a great memory for our 7th anniversary! I love the preview shot."
- rocky + maria

"These are awesome! You do really good work. Thanks again. There are really awesome. I can't wait to show everyone."
- jessica + christian

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!! That looks incredible! You made yesterday so easy and fun!" "looked at the cd, SO excited!!! We love them all!!!"
- cary ann + sam

"OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that too much?? Well, it's how much I love them. :) I am *so* happy we asked you to be our photographer - you are amazing, Carrie!!!! I hope you know that!! We keep reliving our wedding on your blog (probably why you have 1 million views). St. Lucia was beautiful. We said a few times that we wish we had hired you to come and take pictures the whole week for us. We got spoiled, ha!"
- kate + justin

"eeek! Love them! thanks so much!!"
- the arnoldy family

"Those look awesome! Thanks for all the work you’ve done for our wedding :)"
- nani + kyle

"I love them! can't wait to see the rest! You are so creative."
- mom
"oh my goodness i love them! You did an amazingg job!! they look soooo good! (: (:"
- rachel

"Awww! These look nice Carrie:) you've definitly have a knack in this sort of thing. I can't wait to see more!! Thanks so much for doing this. "
"I do have to say that we have gotten a lot of compliments on your work. People have said they felt like they were right there, it told a story and even made some cry! Thank you so much for capturing this special moment for us."
- aimee + scott

"Jason and I received the cd in the mail and I just wanted to say “Thank You”. We absolutely love the pictures. "
- jason + verkisha

"These are awesome!!!! I really love them!!! What a great job carrie!!"
- christine + michael

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