DSC_5617 - Version 2
"Carrie, I can’t begin to thank you enough for capturing our new family of three! The pictures are so beautiful (seriously they could make me cry!) and something we will cherish forever! You are so talented and we really appreciate you taking time to do this for us!!"
- fanning family

"Carrie, these photos are really incredible! I couldn't be happier!"
- patricia + jordan

"Love these, Carrie! WOW! Once again you have done a fantastic job making a mediocre family look good! I love your photos!"
- dunlap family

"The pictures are fantastic (as usual!) Thanks again for squeezing us in your busy schedule."
- martin family

"We love them! Thank you so much!"
jarrod + chris

"WE LOVE THEM!!!! Thanks so much!"
- sangnibene family

"Hey Carrie! We had so much fun - what a great memory for our 7th anniversary! I love the preview shot."
- rocky + maria

"These are awesome! You do really good work. Thanks again. There are really awesome. I can't wait to show everyone."
- jessica + christian

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!! That looks incredible! You made yesterday so easy and fun!" "looked at the cd, SO excited!!! We love them all!!!"
- cary ann + sam

"OMG LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is that too much?? Well, it's how much I love them. :) I am *so* happy we asked you to be our photographer - you are amazing, Carrie!!!! I hope you know that!! We keep reliving our wedding on your blog (probably why you have 1 million views). St. Lucia was beautiful. We said a few times that we wish we had hired you to come and take pictures the whole week for us. We got spoiled, ha!"
- kate + justin

"eeek! Love them! thanks so much!!"
- the arnoldy family

"Those look awesome! Thanks for all the work you’ve done for our wedding :)"
- nani + kyle

"I love them! can't wait to see the rest! You are so creative."
- mom
"oh my goodness i love them! You did an amazingg job!! they look soooo good! (: (:"
- rachel

"Awww! These look nice Carrie:) you've definitly have a knack in this sort of thing. I can't wait to see more!! Thanks so much for doing this. "
"I do have to say that we have gotten a lot of compliments on your work. People have said they felt like they were right there, it told a story and even made some cry! Thank you so much for capturing this special moment for us."
- aimee + scott

"Jason and I received the cd in the mail and I just wanted to say “Thank You”. We absolutely love the pictures. "
- jason + verkisha

"These are awesome!!!! I really love them!!! What a great job carrie!!"
- christine + michael