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i've taken a break this january. a lot of non-photography stuff going on. namely, money-paying-job. and training for a half marathon (takes lots of hours to run lots of miles) in less than a month now. and traveling to see my selah in chicago. juneuary here in atlanta, but definitely snowing in chi city!


but, time to introduce the newest member of the family! i don't know if it is a new niece or a new nephew (or both??... just kidding). i have to wait till the birthday to find out!


isn't ethan getting so darn cute these days? after his mom left to go show houses, ethan and i put on our rainboots and played in the creek for an hour. we had so much fun; i wish i was a kid again sometimes. i might have mentioned the boogie man lived in a drain pipe. i think i got in trouble with his mom!

oh, yeah, AND i found out i'm going back to cambodia this july! :D

enough for now. i'll post a wedding from last october soon. and i'm brainstorming some personal projects. stay tuned!

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