this is chicago and winter fast approaches. well, who am i kidding. it never actually warmed up this year. but fall saturdays are recipes in themselves for some really yummy comfort food.

elaine has been holding on to my aunt michelle's butternut squash & apple soup recipe since spring, saving it for a perfect cold saturday that was today. she improvised with the ingredients attempting to make it a little less fattening (isn't that the purpose though? to fatten up for winter to SURVIVE?)

butternut squash & apple soup

she accompanied the soup with a delicious warm pilaf made of quinoa, mushrooms, and carrots. she just couldn't serve it in a bowl though; she had to throw a bit of snazzz in.

quinoa tomato

and then we'd both been craving something sweet, so i whipped up a batch of outrageous oatmeal cookies. outrageous = purple & golden raisins, cranberries, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. yummy!

outrageous oatmeal cookies

head on over to www.the-lovehandle.com for recipes and more info!

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