aimee + scott.surprise engagement

i've been friends with aimee for a few years now. we met through buckhead church in a community group. the first time i met her, she told her story of how she ended up in atlanta and actually cried a little bit. i thought 'whoa, what? why is she crying? she's very in touch with her emotions (and i'm not)... i wonder if we'll be friends outside of this group...'

fast forward, aimee and i have hung out at la fonda on many occassion, ventured around atlanta, gone down to blue angels weekend in pensacola, attended church, prayed together. i'd say we're friends!

we she met scott at the labor day retreat last year, i figured he was special from the first time i heard her talk about him. aimee's never been one for commitment, so when she told me she wanted to marry him, i was honestly shocked. but pleasantly so. aimee is wonderful and deserves someone who complements.

after they met, i asked casually when they came to visit me in chicago over 4th of july if they would mind posing for some fake engagement photos for my portfolio. they agreed; but we were so busy that weekend, we never got around to it.

on the side, i told scott if he ever wanted to capture his proposal, we could set it up as a fake shoot and he could really propose.

i guess he kept that in mind. he found out i would be at the beach over labor day weekend the same time he & aimee were going (exactly 1 year after they met). we schemed for a few weeks via email and i got aimee to agree to pose and drag scott along (so she thought).

there were so many times i was sure she was onto us! like how i asked her to drive over an hour to this beach closer to me. i was sure she would be annoyed. but she wasn't; a good friend she is! i told her she could use a picture for a christmas card and she said she wanted to use them for engagement photos (i said, 'do you know something i don't know?'). or how i posed them so her eyes were closed, scott looked at me, and i gave him a big thumbs up just as she was opening her eyes.

after all that, she didn't suspect. and after scott got his courage, i stepped back and let him go with it. i'm not sure what he said, but her reaction says it all.



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