margaret + cory.preview

an elegant affair at historic oakton
marietta, ga

first look

more to come soon!



my cousin's two and a half year old son is quite the cutie, although he usually doesn't stay still long enough to capture a smile. i tried to get some good photos for their christmas card but i basically spent 20 minutes getting shots of the back of his head.

then we figured it out. dress him up in elf pajamas and give him candy and he'll sit still for a while!



erin + joe.engagement

my dear friend erin and joe are tying the knot! they met a long time ago in atlanta, traveled all of the world together, live in and near london, and got engaged recently in paris. the only thing left is finding the ring!

in the meantime, we tried to squeeze a photo shoot into the dwindling london sunset....

first, a little london alleyway
st chad's place

then sunset from the millennium bridge; see if you can spot the tower bridge or the tate modern museum
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congratulations you two!



remember this guy? well, his parents liked the sign photos and wanted to get some 6 month photos of little max himself. this little guy had the most ridiculous blue eyes!



danielle + mason.engagement

a few years ago they met.
she was taken, and he was taken by her.

a few years later they dated.

one year ago to the day...

shot on location at the garfield park conservatory, chicago, il ... enjoy
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my colleague invited me over to take some family photographs as everyone was over and dressed in new clothes for diwali, the indian new year. after some family portraits and letting the kids play in the park, she fed me lots of delicious and spicy indian food, complete with mugus!

here are some photos from the day.


there is a story behind the squirrel. the kids love the feed the squirrels peanuts, all except the scary gray one (scary because he climbed up on one of the kids who didn't toss the peanut fast enough). they loooove the other squirrels though!



this is chicago and winter fast approaches. well, who am i kidding. it never actually warmed up this year. but fall saturdays are recipes in themselves for some really yummy comfort food.

elaine has been holding on to my aunt michelle's butternut squash & apple soup recipe since spring, saving it for a perfect cold saturday that was today. she improvised with the ingredients attempting to make it a little less fattening (isn't that the purpose though? to fatten up for winter to SURVIVE?)

butternut squash & apple soup

she accompanied the soup with a delicious warm pilaf made of quinoa, mushrooms, and carrots. she just couldn't serve it in a bowl though; she had to throw a bit of snazzz in.

quinoa tomato

and then we'd both been craving something sweet, so i whipped up a batch of outrageous oatmeal cookies. outrageous = purple & golden raisins, cranberries, and semi-sweet chocolate chips. yummy!

outrageous oatmeal cookies

head on over to www.the-lovehandle.com for recipes and more info!


danielle + mason.preview

today i had the pleasure of photographing a couple's engagement pictures at the breathtaking garfield park conservatory. elaine assisted me for the shoot and even got in some photography herself!

more to come, but here's a sneak peak......




elaine is a fan of the series true blood. she usually watches it after the sunday night ritual while i edit food photos. when asked why i don't watch the show, i say it is because i can't stand there terrible southern accents!

well, season 2 just ended, and elaine commemorated the finale by making some southern food at last: chicken fried steak & gravy, collard greens, and cast-iron-skillet cornbread. this week, i also contributed with a red, white & green salad.


head on over to the lovehandle for recipes and insight!


aimee + scott.surprise engagement

i've been friends with aimee for a few years now. we met through buckhead church in a community group. the first time i met her, she told her story of how she ended up in atlanta and actually cried a little bit. i thought 'whoa, what? why is she crying? she's very in touch with her emotions (and i'm not)... i wonder if we'll be friends outside of this group...'

fast forward, aimee and i have hung out at la fonda on many occassion, ventured around atlanta, gone down to blue angels weekend in pensacola, attended church, prayed together. i'd say we're friends!

we she met scott at the labor day retreat last year, i figured he was special from the first time i heard her talk about him. aimee's never been one for commitment, so when she told me she wanted to marry him, i was honestly shocked. but pleasantly so. aimee is wonderful and deserves someone who complements.

after they met, i asked casually when they came to visit me in chicago over 4th of july if they would mind posing for some fake engagement photos for my portfolio. they agreed; but we were so busy that weekend, we never got around to it.

on the side, i told scott if he ever wanted to capture his proposal, we could set it up as a fake shoot and he could really propose.

i guess he kept that in mind. he found out i would be at the beach over labor day weekend the same time he & aimee were going (exactly 1 year after they met). we schemed for a few weeks via email and i got aimee to agree to pose and drag scott along (so she thought).

there were so many times i was sure she was onto us! like how i asked her to drive over an hour to this beach closer to me. i was sure she would be annoyed. but she wasn't; a good friend she is! i told her she could use a picture for a christmas card and she said she wanted to use them for engagement photos (i said, 'do you know something i don't know?'). or how i posed them so her eyes were closed, scott looked at me, and i gave him a big thumbs up just as she was opening her eyes.

after all that, she didn't suspect. and after scott got his courage, i stepped back and let him go with it. i'm not sure what he said, but her reaction says it all.



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the lovehandle.com

this week, elaine over at the-lovehandle.com decided to use a variety of asian influences for the sunday night ritual.

we started with a grocery store trip up to argyle street, which is informally known as the vietnamese neighborhood. luckily, elaine knew what she was looking for because i might have been somewhat lost. there were a lot of fresh whole fish, fruits, vegetables, and even live crabs. i just documented the journey and let elaine pick everything out.

here are some of the finished products from sunday night. head on over to her blog for a write-up on the menu.

lemongrass chicken and coconut & raisin rice

lychee & rasberry and hasma dessert soup

incidentally, i tried the hasma. it's different.
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